Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bouncing a Baby Takes On a Whole New Meaning

An international story I couldn't help but share. Discuss.

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Bryan Pol said...

I remember when I was but a toddler and my father was pressuring me to go on a death-defying (as it would seem through the eyes of a three year old) amusement park ride and I refused countless times. Finally, my father, ever the domineering lout, got me on the ride, kicking and screaming. The cart took an errant turn and I banged my head. It took me nearly twenty years to forgive my father and actually start enjoying amusement parks again. And unlike these children, I had restraints to secure me. Shirley Jackson once wrote a short story about the dangers of following outmoded practices. She titled it 'The Lottery.' (A bit of a side note: I remember being utterly appalled at the climactic ending of this tale and when I teach it today, my students can barely register a stoic reaction). Watching this baby-tossing clip really set me off, to say the least. How least there were several Indian denizens looking to put a stop to the practice.