Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Political Paparazzi

To many, it would seem that this batch of candidates has an affinity for ill-worded statements. Hillary had her Bonsia story and her most recent RFK reference. McCain said that he would remain in Iraq for 100 years if that's what it took to get the job done. (Bet you wish you could take that one back sonny) And today Barack Obama said that his uncle liberated Auschwitz when he actually liberated Buchenwald. 

In my previous post on enjoying the weather I voiced my displeasure at the media's  tendency to manufacture headlines in order to create drama. For those who don't believe me, how else can you describe the scrutiny of Obama's latest statement? We're really getting picky when we're saying that because he liberated ANOTHER camp, Obama is a liar. While I have rolled my eyes at Hillary's constant excuses that she "misspoke" this instance with Obama may generally be one of those occasions. I have made mistakes when presenting my lessons on numerous occasions, but does that make me  a liar? I don't believe so. We need to stop criticizing every little soundbite, and focus on something more important, issues. 

Why isn't there an equal amount of disdain on the part of Republicans when it comes to soaring gas prices? Why aren't Democrats bringing about all those "changes" promised in the last election? How about we stop focusing on what camp Obama's uncle liberated or what awkward statement Hillary made about RFK and focus on something of substance. Why do people become so disenchanted with politics? It's because politics is an ugly business that generally doesn't address the issues at hand. Political parties merely use important issues as political fodder for the latest election and then puts them back on the shelf for use in another four years. Excuse my recent aggravation, but I'm growing weary of all the pathetic attempts to keep the candidates in the spotlight. I believe this election has seen the birth of a new trend, the political paparazzi. Now that's something I can truly live without.

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