Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ron Paul, the revolution will be televised (on youtube)

Ron Paul might be a squirrelly little guy, but he continues to draw a crowd and his libertarian message continues to be popular among the faithful. Paul's youtube profile page has over 51,000 subscribers and over 7 million page views. While he has no chance at his party's nomination, he has created a force in the political year.

My take on Ron Paul is this...his contribution to the election cycle is far more valuable that Ralph Nader's. Why? Ron Paul is a representative in the United State Congress, that means that his name has been on a ballot and he has one elections. Ralph Nader has been on the outside of the political sphere his entire life and very few people that have ever actually cast a vote for him thought he would win anything. Ralph Nader for a time had an impact on American culture. Now he has become so enamored with his own philosophy his campaign is a waste of time.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul won 15% of the vote in the Oregon this month. There's a Ron Paul nation. Don't believe me? Check out this groovy video from his recent trip to Cali...

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