Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John McCain's Good Sense Problem

Senator McCain is a good man and a good American. He's been a loyal and faithful public servant. He's also well know and well respected for his "maverick" status. But John McCain has a youtube problem. His problem stems from being too flexible in his thinking too often.

Mind you this is not the ideological flip-flopping of a Mitt Romney. It's more the nature of being a good in the moment leader. McCain has always been a fearless member of congress out in front for the Sunday morning shows explaining his opposition or support for a particular policy or plan, then as the situation develops months or years later, he reevaluates his position. He's also given to hyperbole, its not that the conditions in Baghdad have improved, its that you can walk around without armor. It's not that General Petraeus can patrol the streets himself, its that he can do it without a protected vehicle.

Well in the hands of an expert (or no so much) video editor at home with his laptop you get the following.

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