Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do I Smell an Endorsement?

Is it me, or did it just sound like Senator John Edwards said he supports Hillary? If you listened to Face the Nation on Sunday morning, Edwards said that Clinton was gaining steam and would be a stronger candidate in the fall. Maybe it's me, but I can take this one of two ways. Either Edwards has little chance of becoming the VP under Obama, or there's more than meets the eye to this race. Is it me or is it strange that pundits keep saying that it would take a shocking revelation to knock out Obama? Why do they keep saying that? It's almost like they're trying to cushion the blow when Hillary overtakes Obama because of some nasty scandal or political secret. Edwards words reminded me why I hate politicians more than any other profession, because they can never say plainly how they feel. They have to dress us their words and encode them, almost as if they think we are incapable of handling the truth. I think this story is far from over, so stay posted.

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Alex Lotorto said...

Hey John Edwards isn't going to endorse anyone, he just signed onto the Center for American Progress' Half in Ten campaign. The campaign is a poignant pike in the stomach of the bloated corporatist Democrats Obama and Clinton who refuse to suggest real solutions to poverty in favor of pandering to lobbyists. He didn't endorse because neither of those proponents of the corporate fascist state really advocated for a full corporate and military withdrawal from Iraq, an immediate solution to the health care crisis, and a carbon tax instead of corporate carbon trade.

How could a champion for all of those things cut off his own balls and support Hillary or Obama?

While I don't like his party loyalty, I'm proud that he is stepping aside to devote his political capital to a REAL campaign, not wearing Obama and Hillary buttons at their prophet profit driven rallies.

Let's "obliterate" poverty, not Iran, Hillary!

Let's "bump up" the minimum wage, not the military budget, Obama!

If you were an Edwards supporter, you have no choice but to support Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader this time around. OR you can stay home on election day instead of casting a vote in favor of the two party duopoly and the corporate media that will make a buck off of your civic participation.