Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eating my words, and loving every minute of it!

There are some times in my life where I love being wrong. On this blog nobody has been more critical of John Edwards that I. Long have I waited for Edwards (whom I supported for president) to stand up and make an endorsement of a Democratic candidate. My waiting turned into impatience and I incorrectly predicted that he would sit on the fence until the convention. Today my friends, I was proud to eat those words as I flicked on the television to see Breaking News: Edwards endorses Obama! Only one day after pundits predicted total divide in the Democratic party, Edwards rushed in and offered words of reconciliation at just the right time. This is exactly what we needed folks. If you listened to his tone he congratulated Hillary, applauded the gains the party, and simultaneously pumped up Obama. This folks, is the tone that the Democrats have longed for, which only Edwards could provide. I am so proud today, I could barely contain my excitement. For the first time in two years, I would consider myself a Democrat again. Thank you John Edwards for transcending the garbage news headlines and providing stewardship for your party when they needed you most.


Bryan Pol said...

Remember how cool it was to receive a windmill low-five as a child? Well, you just got one my friend, courtesy of BP. HOLLER!

Alex Lotorto said...

And there goes his balls...

and his advocacy against taking money from lobbyists, for public financing, for cutting the defense budget, against corporate fascism, for a brisk withdrawal from Iraq, for universal healthcare, for a carbon tax, against nuclear energy, for a living wage...

All of these things AND MORE are subverted by the corporatist in chief, prophet of profits, warmonger son of Israel, Barack Obama.

I'm disgusted with John's endorsement, I thought he would transcend party loyalty and stick to his progressive policies.

Neither Hillary or Obama truly stand for anything John did. His endorsement, for me, is just as depressing as the day he dropped out.

He is no longer a champion for peace, social justice, and the environment...he is an apostle of another dangerous rightwing Democrat Senator.

If no progressive Democrat, including John Edwards, is willing to leave the party when all resemblance of the progressive base is lost, then we ought to change our party name, because that is NOT DEMOCRATIC.

Party loyalty got Germany Hitler and it will get us apartheid in Palestine, 15 million terrorized uninsured Americans, a stagnant minimum wage, a bigger, bloated military, continuing imperialism in Eastern Europe and South America, dangerous nuclear proliferation, falling short on gay marriage and transexual rights, little restraint on corporate crime or the prison system, perpetuating anti-unionization laws, the two party duopoly that is eyes-wide-shut to the needs of America...Barack Obama.