Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rove Factor: A Negative?

Karl Rove was the "architect" of President Bush's election and reelection. He's a political operative extraordinare. But I wonder if his consistent role in the public eye Rove has maintained since his "retirement" from the Bush White House isn't something of an albatross for the Republican party. Scott Mclellan's book was yet another description of Rove's critically important role in the White House. In many ways, I wonder if the Democrats will not attempt to link Rove to the larger Republican party. The "architect" of a failed administration that won't go away. It would be an easy charge to deny except that Rove remains a fixture on Fox News and shows up regularly for grilling on the Sunday morning shows. Op-Eds, speaking engagements, it seems Rove can't escape the public eye. While Mclellan's book won't fundamentally change the presidential race, I wonder if it won't provide yet another rope in the public eye for Rove to get tied to the larger Republican party. To be sure as long as Fox News is having interviews like this, somewhere John McCain winces.

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