Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sue Drops The F-Bomb

Those of us who live in New York have known Sue Simmons on NBC forever. She is a staple of the WNBC news team. And she went ballistic on the air and let fly the fearsome F-Bomb. I'm curious to see if the FCC jumps down NBC's throat with a fine or if this slides. Reason being, it was late-night...and I've noticed "vulgar" language grow increasingly more acceptable over the past 10 years. For example, on TNT during prime time, I heard the ever-popular "douchebag" go by without anyone even batting an eye. "Shit" was all the rage on NYPD Blue, now I doubt anyone would really care. There was an entire South Park episode about "shit." And yet, flash a breast on TV and everyone goes nuts. It never ceases to puzzle me as to what our "moral" priorities are in this country. That isn't a comment on censoring language; I could care less. Just an observation. Now, here's Sue Simmons droppin' da bomb.

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