Thursday, May 8, 2008

We've Forgotten How Important Hillary Is

Barack Obama's status as the first African-American front-runner for a party nomination for President has in many ways overshadowed an equally momentous event. Just as no one wants to talk about race, it seems fewer want to discuss gender - and the truly colossal achievement of Senator Clinton as the first female front-runner for a nomination. She has broken through the glass ceiling with two fists and a knockout right hook. So, why my sudden epiphany? Take a look at this Goodyear tire advertisement from the 1970s that I saw today, and think about what it's taken for women to earn the respect they rightly deserve. According to this ad, how could a woman ever be president if she can't be trusted to drive a car? Oh, right. She'll have Air Force One, a presidential motorcade and an entire nation at her disposal. Nomination or no, whatever her tactics, Senator Clinton is to be applauded for her success and for earning a place in history that isn't tied to the infamous affairs of her spouse.

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