Monday, March 3, 2008

"It's All On You!"

Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont are gearing up to start casting ballots tomorrow in what has been dubbed by some a "mini super tuesday." Before the Wisconsin primary I posted saying that I didn't think the results from that contest would matter much. I can tell you today I feel very differently about the results tomorrow. While the media is already playing Hillary's swan song. This race isn't over yet. Bill Clinton openly stated his theory recently in texas....

Though Chuck Todd of NBC news has a different prediction. He really doesn't see a path for Clinton to winning the nomination.

When I made my Wisconsin prediction, I based it on the idea that the overall narrative of the campaign wouldn't change just by Obama taking another relatively small state. In that alone, I think I was correct. The narrative didn't change, but what I have been surprised by is the Clinton campaign's lack of energy since Wisconsin. She has proven the willingness to go negative, and the willingness to run her own red phone ad. But none of the attacks on Obama have stuck. Her campaign has never found a compelling narrative for itself and a reason beyond experience that makes her better qualified for the presidency. That, I think is the big surprise of the campaign.

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