Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now that's what I call Compassionate Conservatism

Since we have a few weeks to countdown to the Pennsylvania primary I figured I would take this opportunity to focus on the positive accomplishments of our lovable lame duck George W. Bush. With an unpopular foreign policy and economic recession, who knows how historians will treat the past eight years. While I'm sure that many will rail against the failures in Iraq, few people will recognize the successes in Africa. George W. Bush's goodwill tour of Africa showed Americans one thing, that Obama's message of "hope" is an extremely viable alternative to military occupation. Since 2001, under the Bush administration America has doubled its financial assistance to Africa and has transformed the way in which we lend money and negotiate with the troubled continent. As of 2010, financial aid to Africa will reach almost nine billion dollars, money so desperately needed to combat poverty, AIDS, and an inadequate water supply. For those who feel that non-military solutions don't work in troubled regions, look at the smiling faces in Rwanda, Tanzania, Benin, Ghana, and Liberia. In reality, Africa is not repaired by any means, yet in those countries George W. Bush has become a hero and not a tyrant. Now only if we could apply those concepts like generosity and good will in countries where we need a Public Relations extreme makeover. Still think the politics of "hope" is fruitless? Kudos, George, not all your foreign policy moves were blunders. To learn more about Africa and Global Poverty please take a minute to visit and the ONE campaign.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Marc Valentine's comments. It is hard to push aside the positive achievements of the Bush Administration in the tumultuous continent of Africa. Not all have been "blunders." And, after writing a paper on the last eight years, I believe President Bush would have had not one blunder had it not been for what James Risen deemed "neoconservative ideologues" in the administration. Remember what the President ran on in 2000.

Anonymous said...

MV rocks my world. =)