Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Surge is Working....MORON!

You know, people love Senator John McCain, I admit, that I really like him. For a long time he has been the lone independent voice solving problems other senators and politicians were too scared to touch. But he rides the straight talk express...that bus carries one "fact" that we all need to challenge. "The Surge is Working."

The surge is not working...why? Because it was supposed to be temporary, and now we've gone from approving the "surge" to approving a "pause." The pause for the uninitiated is the maintaince of surge-troop levels and holding off on the reduction of troops to pre-surge levels. Some would say, that is only proof it is working because if it weren't we'd be seeing the same level of violence we did pre-surge. In fact, the president announced his "return on success" policy a month or so ago. I find this humorous, when the surge was announced it was announced as neccessarily temporary because there weren't enough troops to maintain this level past the spring. Guess what spring-time's coming, so I guess we're successful!!

I know, I know, violence is down over there. The number of car bombings and secaratian violence is down. But there is something simmering under the surge pot-lid. The recent attack in Baghdad, in one of the safest areas of the country yielded 68 dead. And a recent report from the tells us that the Iraqis might be getting fed up with our occupation. I want to finish this post with my grand exit strategy, the truth is I don't have one. But I think it's disingeniuos to the American people, the Iraqi people, and most importantly our soldiers to repeat the false mantra "the surge is working." We need to debate the reality on the ground, which is our magnificent men and women in the military are doing their best to keep the lid on the pot. But sooner or later, without new policies and progress its still going to boil over. The nation has lost 3,974 brave men and women because of this war. Isn't it time to change strategy?

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