Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Just In: America Is Full

Sorry, poor, tired and huddled masses. According to an anti-immigration and overpopulation group, it turns out that America Is Full. They even have the t-shirts to prove it. One of my co-workers, a French immigrant, saw someone wearing one of these yesterday and was not the least bit surprised. Just another notch in the belt for the ugly American.

In his "Oh, shit...I lost Ohio" speech last night, Senator Obama stated rather astutely that the world is watching us and our actions. He was talking about the election, but I couldn't help but think of it on the larger scale. What are we doing as Americans to improve our place in the world? What good is being a world leader if no one wants to follow? And what good is putting up a wall? It's like Microsoft Windows and other proprietary software: people want to hack the walls and get in simply because someone says they can't.

Somehow I don't think shutting our borders to the world is a solution. In black t-shirt lingo, I say "FCUK that."

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