Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brief: What the three left standing need to do

There are but three candidates remaining here's my quick, unsolicited take on what their strategy should be over the coming weeks.

Senator Clinton-Ride the media wave for a week and then take a break. The nation is getting tired of this story and are going to want a resolution soon. Staying in the headlines only makes the nation want it over faster, since you are behind in delegates this means you lose. Let the media come to you, don't press the issue.

Senator Obama-Clinton beat you by attacking your rhetoric. Her crowds chant "yes, she will!" Is an example. This is not the time to cave. A rhetorical flourish, similar to that of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner will reinvigorate voters and remind them why you are the more compelling candidate.

Senator McCain-Court the money-givers, but don't pull too hard right now. The general election is a center left/center right contest. In wooing donors don't push so hard to the right that you can't course-correct and be the independent "maverick" of your reputation. The exact reason the base hates you is why moderate America will love you.

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