Monday, March 3, 2008

Prediction Time

Ok, I got a few emails and IM's asking for my March 4th predictions. Who's winning where?

Alright I'm gonna run it down.

Senator Clinton is going to win a squeaker in Ohio. I think in the 52-48. The delegate count? Who knows, bottom line not enough to make a difference.

Obama is going to win Texas, probably by a very small margin. The Primary/Caucus layout bodes very well for him. He will also win the delegate count.

Vermont and Rhode Island also look good for Obama. I think his win in Texas will drive the superdelegates to him and ultimately end the Clinton campaign. If it does not, then we are looking at a final fight April 22 in Pennsylvania. The party doesn't want that, and neither does the public. I would be very surprised if the Supers don't play grown up and end this thing after tomorrow.

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