Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Better Case Against Global Warming

Need a better reason to fight climate change than Al Gore's "We Can Solve It?" Try this compelling case from Reese's. Mmm...


Rebecca said...

Don't get me wrong--I love me some Reese's cups and/or pieces. However, the spot (delicious as it may seem) falls a little flat for me. Where's the specific call-to-action? What can I do to stop global warming?

I realize it was only a 15-second spot, but something more tangible or attainable would have resonated with me better. Something about recycling my newspaper, carpooling to work (or taking mass transit!) or walking to the convenience store to stock up on more tasty, tasty treats. "Stop global warming" leaves me thinking, "OK!... How?"

...Should I stockpile my candy in the freezer just in case nothing can be done?

Xircuits said...

Perhaps the phrase "Think outside the box" can be listed after the thought of all those delicious Reese's Cups melting.

Has anyone else noticed a dramatic increase in "Eco" commercials? I've never seen commercials pushing for anything much ecological. Is this because corporate companies are realising that "Eco" is in because of Al Gore's documentary?

I can't wait for vegetarian commercials and organic commercials.