Monday, April 21, 2008

Why John McCain Should Be Worried

Common discussion these days is that the real beneficiary from the fight between Clinton and Obama is John McCain. He, in fact, should be worried about the trends of the race. While its true the protracted campaign has certainly taken is toll on all the candidates involved. The numbers are trending toward the democrats. The registration numbers in Pennsylvania are but one indicator. So are the cross over registrants. You can even look to the Neilsen ratings for the last Democratic debate (which trumped all previous debates and only lost to American Idol on the night) to see the country's interest is trending leftward. All of this is not to say a Democratic party win in November is inevitable. Its only to say that while McCain gets to sit in his perch and snipe, he doesn't have an even share of the spotlight, and that should worry him more than encourage him.

UPDATE: A quick read of Politico this morning has this article about Penn. voter registration and turn out, check it out.

And another read provides this update on McCain's fund raising situation.

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