Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speaking of Evil Empires: Microsoft Goes Mega-Lame

Yesterday, I took Wal-Mart to task for trying to pass off consumerism as environmentalism and sustainabile business practices. AKA: Being B.S. artists. Now, hot on the 'Mart's shitheels comes what's been labeled in some circles as the lamest/lowest point in Microsoft marketing and development history. This terrible, awful internal sales video goes to show that big companies put the shine on touchy subjects (ie: the utter failure of Vista) just as much for internal constituents as they do for consumers. Yes, this is real. Yes, if you stare too long you may end up like the Germans at the end of Raiders of The Lost Arc.

1 comment:

Marc Valentine said...

I am dumber for having watched this. I had to take a pencil to my ear to get the bad thoughts out of my brain. Damn You!