Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wright?

We are a sound-bite driven nation. Our media gives us 20-30 second sound bites from our most controversial figures and then tells the American people what to think about the words they've said. This week Bill Moyers of PBS landed an exclusive interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright a name many Americans weren't familiar with until the sound bites of his sermons became known nationally after it was made public that he was the pastor and spiritual adviser to Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

The link is above, I encourage you to watch the entire 1/2 hour or read the transcript and get a sense for the entirety of this man. The sound bites that were made national fodder, were often the emotional peaks given to sermons that many people might agree with. Moyers gives him a chance to define his philosophy. I for one felt I had finally seen the other side of the story. Give it a look.

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