Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reaction: 28%??? That's still an A right?

I just wanted to post a quick response to our Reader submitted post.

While I agree with the need for more local civic involvement (especially of younger people). I think Bush is feeling the brunt of America's dyspeptic sentiments because most of our issues are Macro versus Micro.

The issues roiling most Americans today are not those of the 80's and 90's, when crime (for instance) was the topic most Americans saw as their chief issue. Crime might have been seeing a rising macro-trend, but it is dealt with largely on the micro scale. It's pushing your local police department into action, organizing community watches, giving troubled youth something to do with their time besides graffiti. It's an example of a localized issue.

The problems Americans are worried about are macro-issues. The economy as a whole, the cost of college education, the cost of health care, the war in Iraq, national security, the cost of energy, and global warming. These are issues that we can encourage our local officials to take up, but can't really be addressed on the micro-level. President Bush has failed to really attack any of these issues in a meaningful way.

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