Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bittergate: What's really going on.

Barack Obama has been getting slammed for being elitist, mostly because he accurately described a voting trend among midwestern and rural voters. Hillary Clinton and John McCain have wasted no time pouncing on these ill-chosen words. But I want to clarify a few things here, because I just don't think the media is covering these developments accurately.

1. The media needed to hit Obama for something. Rev. Wright seemed perfect, but then Obama gave the speech of his political career and squelched that beast, at least for the moment. This was an easy comment because it fit a media narrative. Obama is a liberal elite, who will always have problems with "downscale" voters. Nevermind that he was raised by a single mother, paid his way through school, and passed up high paying jobs to become a community organizer.

2. The story got legs because the narrative that Hillary was dead was getting tired, this story gives the media a way to revive her. At most this problem knocks Obama down a few points. It certainly doesn't gain her any especially nationally.

3. Hillary Clinton made up a story about landing under sniper fire and told it exactly the same way three different times. The media has treated Obama's poorly chosen words with the same credence and Clinton's fabrication.

4. There is a legitimate critique to be made about Obama's comments. The candidates all recognize them and have pandered to them since the election cycle began. They've been in a race to prove who has a stronger faith in God. Hillary Clinton tells gun stories like she grew up on the frontier. Obama runs around condeming trade as if it were to blame for all the countries ills. Both candidates wrapped themselves in knots trying to answer simple questions pertaining to illegal immigration.

5. There is one question to be asked of America's working class. What's more insulting? Having a candidate accurately describe a voting trend? Or having candidates (like our current president) use their deep seeded faith in God or their dedication to tradition against them for decades. What is more insulting? Being reminded that you are bitter about how our economy has treated you? Or having a candidate who has made 109 million dollars since her husband left the White House pretend to be like you by playing to your stereotypes, that all you do is drink boilermakers, bowl, and shoot guns?

This story will have life until the debate on Wednesday and the recaps Thursday. Let's hope we don't have to hear about it again until the fall.

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