Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto Takes on Republicans!

For fans of the franchise, I think you would agree that the Grand Theft Auto game is anything but subtle. Rockstar developers, the company that makes Grand Theft Auto, have tackled many taboo topics, but it seems they are poised to take on an even more dangerous issues, Republicans. No, that's not a typo, you read it correctly. Next generation technology has led to many new visual gags and innuendos in this latest incarnation of Grand Theft. One such feature gives the player the opportunity to watch television broadcasts which parody reality television,  the American obsession with celebrity, and the Grand ol' Party. One of the spoof television shows follows the path of three futuristic space traveling Republicans, ridding the world one planet at a time of "insurgent" alien races. Along the way there are references to repressed homosexuality, illegal military occupation, and something that resembles "straight talk". When the three Republican crusaders come across a well-spokenand highly intelligent alien race, they are unable to process his "fancy talk" and decide to shoot him instead of liberate him from the oppressive bondage he faces on his home world. Oh, and did I mention that the space shuttle our heroes travel around in takes the shape of a giant penis? Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm sure that this latest content addition to the already controversial series will only take a few more play-throughs before it starts making headlines from New York to San Diego. Just remember where you heard it first! Put it this way, I am a political independent, and if I were a Republican I'd be pissed. Nothing like labeling all Republicans as repressed homosexual, angry, and unintelligent. I found myself, mouth agape, wondering what ever happened to the complex and encoded narratives? Whatever happens, this is simply too good to miss. 

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