Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick of it, yet?

Alright, I'll come out and say it.

I'm sick of it too.

I'm sick of the back-biting, the name calling, the not-so-thinly-veiled references. I am sick of them, and I am a self-confessed politics junkie. It's not that I think Hillary should just quit already. I've written before, and still believe she has every right to continue the race. She even has a semi-plausible path to the nomination. She can hope that her campaign, the McCain Campaign, and the fox news team can find more damaging things about Obama, enough damaging things that will give the super delegates pause and make them switch their alliance to her side. It could happen, and I say that not mockingly.

The answer here of course lies with Obama, not Clinton. The narrative continues to swirl around her, despite her narrow path to victory. Obama should start to play the front-runner in this race. Acknowledge he still has a nomination to win, but get back to basics. "When I'm this party's nominee, I will do....." He has allowed Clinton to drag him down to her tit-for-tat level, and its time for him to stop. If he elevates his rhetoric and lets the Clinton machine simply sputter out, its the best thing he can do.

So enough about Rev. Wright, the weathermen, flag pins, and sniper fire. It's time to start framing this debate as why democratic proposals and principles are stronger for the bulk of the nation than republican ones. Time to start fighting on policy and forgetting about politics.

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