Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can't help but exclaim, WHAT is the bloody point?

My goodness gracious, not to get on a personal note but I have been desperately trying to get this blog down and something always gets in the way. (Never mind the fact that I'm at work, that's neither here nor there ha). I was browsing through the headlines on and came across an article about a speech Bush gave today about CO2 emissions and how they need to be cut back. Now if you've been paying attention you remember back way back when Bush was campaigning he was tooth and nail with Gore trying to get the leg up on the environmental side of things. Originally he had made a pledge in his campaign to monitor the output of carbon dioxide by power plants. In true Bush form this never came to be, and now in the dusky hours of his administration he promises us a new hope for the future.

There are so many ironic twists to this whole situation I don't know where to begin. The first and most obvious being that Bush won out (not necessarily because of but) with the help of a campaign pledge to be more environmentally conscious while the so-called loser has since won a Nobel Prize for his work towards awareness about the condition of old mother Earth.

With Spring like clockwork comes the sprouting of not only blooms on trues but little pregnant bellies all over Manhattan. Hey, it's the proof of what happens when it's cold outside ... even though it never really was that cold this Winter... which really just ties into my original point.. but hang in there with me.(Just another one of those funny little ironies.) This conversation of pregnancy may seem like a digression but it is not! The environmental plan Bush put out today would come to fruition when all those little guppies in pregnant bellies will be getting ready to drive and then vote! (2025!!) I'm sorry, not only am I insulted by this half hearted plan (which if you actually read it or listen to it is more Bush telling us what things to avoid instead of what things to do), it comes so late in his presidency that if it is even fleshed out and takes shape, it will simply be dumped on the next president's lap. Not to MENTION 17 years?! Really? I'm sorry with hybrid cars, some elevators around the world running on magnets, some new office buildings (which I so graciously learned from my brother) recycling the rain water from their roofs and using it for all water consumption in their building other than drinking water, I can't help but think or dare I say know that we are capable of cutting our carbon dioxide output much much sooner than these little guys will be thrust into adulthood. Just in time for the upcoming G-8 Summit I can't help but be incensed by what I feel is a half-hearted attempt at contributing to what is supposed to be a worldwide effort. It almost feels to me like the science project you throw together the night before when you slap your head and realize it's due tomorrow. Check it out for yourself, it leaves me unimpressed. The article and speech can be found


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