Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frat Boys for Obama

This is all abuzz on the ad blogs today: check out the three guys behind Obama at his concession speech last night. Is this a guerrilla marketing coup? An endorsement? Or just three douche bags who realize they might get more girls by impressing them with their politics and not their beer pong skills?


Xircuits said...

This looks completely Photoshopped.

Bryan Pol said...

The backdrop has not been changed; the three A&F meatheads were behind Obama throughout the entirety of Tuesday night's rally. From what I remember, though, their heads were cut off. I think, for the sake of accentuating the frat boys in the backdrop, the picture was altered to include them from the head down. Regardless, it was a mildly funny, unintentional marketing ploy.