Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stop Talking about 100 Years

Here's a piece of advice for Democrats when it comes to fighting John McCain. Stop talking about the "100 years" comment. Watch the attack ad below.

I realize the war is unpopular. I also recognize that most Americans want us out of Iraq. So this kind of comment seems tailor-made for attack ads. However, what it really does is serve McCain a soft volley to hammer back. McCain's comment referred to the kind of security situation we have with Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc. When the Democrats make this their primary talking point they are serving McCain's argument that the dems really don't understand national security and if they did they wouldn't have taken his comments so vastly out of context.

If the Democrats want to win swing voters they need to explain that they understand the military and how it is used. This kind of nonsense won't past the McCain defense's muster.

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