Monday, April 21, 2008

There's a Congress Still, Right?

John McCain is going to cut $300 Billion in taxes he says, and pay for it with spending cuts. Barack Obama is going to raise taxes on all those making over $200 thousand a year. The Democrats will pull troops out without thought to what's going on on the ground, and the McCain will keep them there for eons until victory.

These are the promises of the campaign season. And most voters know they are nonsense.
Candidates don't acknowledge is that huge domed building down the avenue from the White House called the Capitol. Its where Congress works, writing legislation, then passing or striking it down. The candidates pretend, and would have voters to believe, that their legislative agenda happens in a vacuum and is never to be compromised with the Congress.

Of course, the American people intrinsically understand that the legislative process is a meat grinder. They may not think about it actively at the moment but when they hear a ridiculous promise, or a pie-in-the-sky measure they don't hang their hat on it because they know somewhere down the line Congress does step in. Congress might not be able to get things done, but there is one thing they are exceptionally good at making things NOT get done. This is, by the way, on purpose. Changing the laws should be a difficult thing to do, and our system ensures that is the case.

That's why we end up "voting our gut." It's also why we vote on personality and a feeling we get. It's a perfectly fine way to select a candidate by the way. Because we know their agenda is not going to be met. We are trying to measure instead how we think these candidates will deal with pressure, and how they will deal with people who disagree with them. Can they convince you their hair-brained scheme is better than the other guy's? If so, maybe they should be the big chair. So I say bring on the sniper fire, the bitter comments, hell lets even bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb Iran, let the American people see you warts and all, so we can pick which of you should run this place for the next four years.

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