Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Think You Know What Waterboarding Is? Think Again.

On Earth Day, we need to remember how important sustainable water is. Water is the very breathe of life. Unless it's being used to simulate death by drowning, as in this U.K. commercial from Amnesty International. Amnesty rep Kate Allen tells the Daily Telegraph, “Our film shows you what the CIA doesn’t want you to see—the disgusting reality of half-drowning a person then calling it ‘enhanced interrogation.’” Read more at unsubscribe-me.org From all I'd read, I thought I could imagine the horrors of waterboarding. Seeing this commercial suddenly made it real for me. WARNING: this is a highly effective ad, meaning that it might be a little too graphic for some viewers.


Adam said...

While I agree that this is definitely effective at getting our attention and I also agree that there are serious Constitutional issues raised from Guantanamo I have to raise a few points on Amnesty International.

I think this video is just another stunt for attention from the organization. They are becoming more extreme (in line with PETA) with their rhetoric. Comparing Guantanamo to the "gulag of our times" (I don't think Guantanamo even comes close to Stalin's double-digit imprisonments and millions of deaths) and accusing Isreal of "war crimes" with no comparable mention of Hezbollah.

Amnesty needs to move back to its roots of championing the individual not the policy; I for one think it is more effective. I think if we have learned anything in this election year it is that polarizing people does not bring about positive change.


Xircuits said...

I have a friend on Facebook who agrees to allowing Waterboarding. I tried to embed the video onto his Wall and it gave me the page "404: Not Found".