Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here, Here!

Politics and honesty have long been seen as anomalous. But why is that? As this Washington Post editorial points out, there have been plenty of campaign advisors who have been kicked to the curb for inconsistent comments. But do we really believe that the promises being made during the campaign are true? For example, will the Democrats stand firm to their Iraq withdrawl plans once they have the power to actually enact that withdrawl? I am fairly certain that if Clinton or Obama were to get elected, they would sit down with their advisors and talk to diplomats and the forces on the ground, and make decisions based on each given moment. But that isn't sparkly enough for a campaign. For the campaign, they have to pound out how opposed they are to the war by saying they would pull out in x amount of time. And looking back, in his 2000 campaign, wasn't President Bush all about humble foreign policy? Well, we see how well that worked out. The truth is that candidates bend the truth when campaigning. And we are all so used to it. What would impress me would be someone to step up and be honest. People may argue that you can never win that way, but well, my vote would be won.

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