Friday, April 25, 2008

This is why I'm Fat.

New York City is not a progressive as California, but we like to experiment too. One of our recent jaunts has been down the road of informing people of just how fat they get when they eat fattening things. A law that was passed but is still waiting to be enforced based on how the appeal goes, would for any restaurant chain in NY with more that 15 outlets to post calorie information for their menu as prominently as the price.

On first blush I was positive on the law. I thought it was a good way to inform people of what the risks were when they chowed down on a Big Mac. Then it hit me. Do we as Americans need the restaurant we dine in to inform us of just exactly how many calories we're slamming down our gullots? More importantly, as a matter of principle, why is it McDonald's responsibility to take care of me? I'm an adult, I ought to know the difference between an egg McMuffin and a veggie omelet. Children ought not be eating Micky D's on the way home from school, they should have dinner waiting for them. Oh wait, they can't have dinner waiting for them because their parents need to support them. You wanna make a healthier society and healthier children? Pay people more and give parents the opportunity to stay home and be parents. I don't need McDonald's telling me what to do.

Now if you excuse me there is a pint of Haagen-Daaz with my name on it.

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