Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Hit: Obama not working class enough?

Just had a question for the policy thinkers out there. Is there something fundamentally different between working class Iowa and working-class Pennsylvania? I guess what I mean is the people of Iowa met Obama face to face and deemed him working class enough for them. Why is it different in Pennsylvania? What's changed?


Bryan Pol said...

I know that, at least in the eastern portion of Pennsylvania, the population is transient, with the vast majority of the working class of these counties commuting to New York and New Jersey. I would assume values differ considering that paradigm. That, however, doesn't speak for the counties Barack lost out west.

Xircuits said...

I agree with Bryan. It's because Pennsylvania is that much closer to the Eastern Megalopolis (NYC, Boston etc.) Also can you actually name a large metropolis in Iowa? Pennsylvania has 2 booming cities. One of which you will recognise as Will Smith's hometown. Philadephia and Pittsburgh of the famous football team The Steelers.