Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Take: Obama on the ropes over Wright

Barack Obama is on the ropes today after his vigorous denouncement of Rev. Wright's comments. A quick read of the comment boards shows citizens lining up in two camps. Those who think Obama harbors some of Wright's feelings and has been hiding it (the majority) and the Obama supporters who think this is just a huge distraction.

One thing is certain. This mess has dethroned Obama from the place of hope and new politics he was in a year or even 6 months ago. Obama needs to explain his association with Rev. Wright, and give a sit down interview with a real journalist for an extended period and explain his relationship with Wright. Frankly, I would recommend the "Full Ginsburg." Obama's speech on race was eloquent and a perfect description of race relations in America. But people want to know more about Obama and Wright could have been so close for so long if Wright harbored all these policies Obama despised. I am not the only voter that wants an explanation.

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