Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swan Song?

Hilary Clinton today has told voters to "Count on me" to end the Iraq war according to FirstRead. Clinton insists that she will withdraw troops within 60 days of being president. Really? Regardless of what happens in Iraq over months and months before that first day in office, Sen. Clinton? There are no circumstances under which you'd change your mind? Well, that sounds imprudent to me--the same gung-ho immovability we criticize Bush for. But well maybe that is just a symptom of a desperate effort to differentiate yourself from the crowd. But beyond that, isn't it interesting that "McCain's campaign has been especially quick about pushing back against Obama when he asserts the Arizona senator would be fine with staying in Iraq for a century, but has seemed less critical when Clinton has made almost identical remarks."
Perhaps McCain's campaign is gearing up for who they think they will fight in the general election. Is this another sign that Clinton is down and almost out? We'll see. I can't help feeling there could yet be a couple of surprises in store for us.

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