Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's'a Mario! And He's Called a Cab'a for You'a!

I'll admit, I take too many taxis at night when I should just take the subway like a good, green citizen. But it's hard to stick to my guns when my favorite fireball hurling, kart riding, mushroom addicted friend of Princess Daisy is paying for cabs in New York today to promote Mario Kart for the Wii.

According to AdWeek, " The popular video game character will be hailing cabs for midtown Manhattan commuters in the morning and during lunch to promote the launch of the Mario Kart Wii racing game. The costumed character will appear near the Sheraton Hotel on Seventh Avenue and 52nd Street."

Cute promo. Not very green. But racing leads me to a larger green/sustainability question: In a fuel crisis, how can we justify NASCAR? Something to ponder for another time.


JamesBedell said...

I'm not a big NASCAR fan. However, I will say this for the sport all about rapidly making left turns, the techonology that gets tested on the race track often ends up in our cars. The latest example is carbon fiber paneling a super light super strong American made material its being used in NASCAR and formula 1 today to make cars faster. But it's also proving that they are a viable material for mass production. That material could make our cars 1/3 lighter. Eventually saving us tons of fuel.

Michael said...

Very well. You have successfully countered my green koopa shell with a well placed banana peel.