Friday, April 18, 2008

Political Blogs Lean...Libertarian?

So, a friend of mine asked me last night, since she is not a Democrat, why I asked her to join our "wacky commie liberal fan club" and read this blog. Now, though this blog tends to lean a little to the Left, I would contend that we have our share of conservative/moderate posts. At the same time, serendipitously, research revealed this morning that blogs in general actually are not predominantly liberal...they're Libertarian!

According to the
BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Survey, Political blogs are becoming increasingly common, especially in this election year, where 24.6% of registered voters say they regularly or occasionally blog. Political affiliation of regular/occasional Bloggers look like this in 2008:

  • 37.6% of Libertarians regularly/occasionally blog
  • 26.9% of Democrats
  • 25.7% of Independents
  • 22.9% Republicans
So this says a few things to me. Firstly, we at Thinking About Policy Over Politics (or ThinkPOP as I like to sometimes call it) are actually part of a significant movement of people who are using the Internet for the other POP: "politics over porn." It also means that though Republicans sit at the bottom of the list, pair them with Libertarians and the political blogosphere leans decidedly toward the conservative(ish). So, are blogs part of the "liberal media agenda?" Doesn't seem so. Though, as a commie liberal fan, I'm wearing my Leon Trotsky hockey jersey today. He played for the Red Wings, of course.

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JamesBedell said...

I think part of that survey is that almost everyone considers themselves libertarian. I've heard Bill Maher call himself libertarian. I've heard Ron Paul supports call themselves libertarian.

To most people I think it means, "keep the government away from me"

For those on the right that means "let me keep my guns."

For those on the left it means "let gays marry."

In other words keep us free.