Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get to know our Sailors.

In Iraq we often hear about the Marines and the Army. Rare is the time we get to hear about our sailors and the role they play in defending the nation. Enter PBS's Carrier. This 10-parter takes us inside the USS Nimitz to get to know what life on an Aircraft carrier is like. Not only do we get a sense of the daily grind, we get to know the people that sign up to sail around the roof shooting planes of the deck.

What strikes me in watching it so far is the commonality of the people who join up. These are men and women, generally from tough backgrounds who almost chose a darker path. Instead they chose to join the Navy and help defend the nation after 9/11.

Take a look at the website, and if you can check it out on your local PBS station. It's a great look into military life and those that lead it.

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Alex Lotorto said...

Of course the best opportunity for these people from "tough backgrounds" was to become the prey of a flesh hungry military industrial complex, bribed by hollow career promises, tuition grants, and vagaries of "patriotism" that define "love of country" as perpetuating imperialist destruction by offering your otherwise productive human capital to a corporate driven machine.

Yes this story is very telling, it is a case study of how recruiters prey on "tough backgrounds" and is yet another piece of evidence of the discriminatory practices and desperate measures the military is using.

It does not explain the horrific situations that conscientious objectors and AWOL troops face when they express does not explain how too many of these men and women joined the military just so they could pay for college, build their resume, or receive other benefits.

It's sick and disgusting how our "volunteer" force is drafted.

Sure, if they want to join to occupy Iraq, Afghanistan, and threaten Iran then they should, because that is the purpose of the military today...but they shouldn't be signing up by default, because it was the only way they could pay for college, support their families, receive medical coverage...

That's domination. That's a draft. That's indentured servitude.

And neither the Democrats or Republicans oppose it.

There is no hope in the Democratic Party to address the issue of the misappropriated military budget and racist recruitment policies.