Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Love on CNN!

I had to pull out the popcorn for Anderson Cooper's broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday night when the embattled Polygamists took to the cameras to do a little PR work for the FLDS compound. While the acting was far better than Bill Paxton, I thought it fell woefully short of winning an Emmy for best supporting role in the "Sister Wives Weep for Lost Children Category." Citing Constitutional guarantees such as freedom of religion and other personal liberties several of the women ceased to see the hypocrisy of imprisoning teenagers and / or forcing them to marry men that are two/three times their age. Or perhaps they believe that making 14 year old women marry and have sexual relations is part of a  "wonderfully pure life." When it comes to religion I have always taken a "to each their own" approach, but when any religion be it Catholic or Mormon violate and abuse children sexually, I take issue with that. In my opinion, (and yell at me if you disagree) freedom of religion only goes so far in certain cases. Religion cannot and should not protect individuals who commit heinous crimes. If that is the case every sex offender in the United States could just join some cult that protects perverts and have carte blanche to do whatever they desire. Kudos to both Fox News and CNN for keeping this story in the news in a time where I'm getting sick of "Bittergate".

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