Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VW Bug Takes a Bite Out of NASA

As if NASA weren't already a nearly-obsolete entity getting kicked around and hobbled by politicians at every turn, now it's gotten another slap in the face -- from the most delightful of personalities! This new VW ad humbles a former space shuttle commander when Max, a talking Bug, touts that Volkswagon has more engineers than NASA. Zing!

There was a great story on 60 Minutes a few weeks back about NASA trying to get back to the moon and then go to Mars in the next 30 years. But clearly, the organization has a LOT of work to do to convince people of the missions' merits when even everyone's favorite classic German auto is taking NASA to task.

PS: Check out the rest of the campaign on Adverganza, who's been awesome enough to compile this clever campaign.

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