Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reader Submitted: 28%??? That's still an A, right?

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I am going to bring up a touchy subject to a good 72% of the United States. That is President Bush and his astronomically low approval rating. It may or may not surpise you to learn that Bush is lower than all previous presidents in the past 50 years with the exception of Truman (kaboom!) and Nixon (would you like impeachment with that?). You can take a look at a Wall Street Journal graph linked below.
Now I think Bush would be at this level even without the Iraq war if only for the dismal economy. I think Carter's low approval rating is the case in point there. Now my question for you is why do we so closely tie the welfare of our country to a single individual?
What about all those Senators and Congressmen and women who you (hopefully) voted for in your last local election? More importantly what about your local government who you probably did not vote for?
I think we give the good old commander-in-chief way too much credit. When it comes to foreign policy, this guy (to this point) does lead us into the fray with some mitigation by other elected officials. But, I think we need to be putting a fine tooth comb to our local governments as well.
Not to shine through any libertarian ideals here, but your day-to-day is definitely impacted more by the local schlubs at townhall. What about your local economy, education, transportation, etc. Since when did the federal government become the be all and end all of providing our needs or at least misinterpreting them?
Just a little food for thought. I'm sure some of you will decry the supremity of the Federal Reserve, the FDA and the SEC, but I would take a closer look at your local business development, public health department and chamber of commerce. So next time you feel like complaining about the All-American whipping boy, our president; think about attending a county comission meeting instead. If nothing else you can hear a crazy guy decry the end of the world and an old lady complain of noise violation during the public address section.

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