Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Pennsylvanian's Take on the Primary from Hell

I barely have enough strength to eloquently argue my true feelings on the primary results from last night's Pennsylvania primary. To be honest, I would support either candidate, despite my preference for Barack Obama. Anybody would be better than John McCain, which will amount to essentially a third term for George W. Bush. My stomach became more sick with every percentage point that Hillary Clinton picked up. Not only because I prefer Obama, but also because the large margin of victory ensures that the Democratic nomination is far from decided. If you listened carefully you could actually hear the tear in the Democratic party get larger last night. Analysis of the voter breakdown displays yet again the deep divide that exists amongst Dems. Individuals 18-29 and African American voters were clearly for Obama, while the elderly, blue-collar, Catholics favored Hillary. As many of my compatriots have eloquently stated in earlier blogs, this election is centered around race and age. Damn, even Ed Rendell weighed in and said Pennsylvanians would have a problem with electing a Black man. Twenty nine percent of "Bitter" Hillary supporters (in Pennsylvania) said they would vote for McCain rather than vote for Obama. Sixteen percent of the Barack faithful would prefer the G.O.P candidate than vote for a Democrat who can elude sniper fire. Some top Democrats say that this infighting will actually produce a stronger candidate in November, but the statistics say otherwise. Let's hypothetically say that this goes all the way to the Convention and the Superdelegates make the final decision (which it probably will). Can you honestly tell me that either side will be happy with the result?  I have traditionally held back on my list of "things I think must happen" but I figure what the hell, so here they are:

1. Howard Dean, get some Kiwi's and get tough on these Superdelegates. Sitting on the fence till the end of the game and choosing a candidate in a smoke filled room will not sit well with the voting public.

2. John Edwards, please find the voice I know you have in you and support somebody. Please be the King (or Queen) maker. At this point, jeopardizing your chance as VP will be a mute point if McCain wins the election.

3. Hillary, stop calling plays from the Karl Rove playbook. I know you say, "it's what he'll have to face in the fall." Why give the Republicans more ammunition than they will already have. Only two months ago, the G.O.P had no idea how to deal with Barack, now they not only have the blueprint, they will just recycle your campaign ads.

4. Barack, I know you're all about the politics of "Hope" and "Change", but if you don't change your tactics, you're going to look weak to top party officials. You worked way too hard to lose it all at the end.

I fear that the Democrats cannot endure another six weeks of the "low-road to victory". If somebody doesn't wise up soon, we Americans can get used to two simple words, "President McCain." Tell me that doesn't send shivers down your spine.


Bryan Pol said...

Nora Ephron. You know her work. 'Sleepless in Seattle.' 'You've Got Mail.' 'When Harry Met Sally.' Basically, if Meg Ryan starred in it, Ephron more than likely wrote the screenplay to it. Suddenly, Ms. Ephron dons her political analyst cap to debate the importance of the white man's vote. On election day, will the white man prove to be the racist and cast a tally for Hillary, or will the white man play the role of a sexist and vote for Barack? This is the kind of logic that effectually ruins the Democratic party and reinforces exactly WHY this country needs a change. I keep saying that this country is ready for change in 2009, but will that come at the expense of the bigoted or chauvenistic voter? I hope that in the 21st century, that is no longer the case. Then again, I have vested too much faith in the American voter in the past.

I will admit that I am like a baby going into this election, relatively new to the political landscape, absorbing all the Barack coverage I can. Let us hope that, aside from brushing that dirt off his shoulder, Obama rolls up his sleeves and displays moxie in the eyes of voters that need that type of dissuasion.

Nice post, my friend!

Xircuits said...

I want both Hillary and Obama to team up. Tag-team style. Super Democrats. I've been looking into American history lately. Recently American History and I'm utterly terrified if Obama is elected that he will be assassinated. Do we really want that? Another JFK incident? This country is soo racist that I would rather see Hillary Clinton in office as the first female president and have Obama has the first black vice-president. Obama is Hillary's back up. I don't think they are bitter enemies--they're just blowing this out of proportion to get the American Public's spirits up. It's a marketing gimmick from what I see. Watching the bitterness between them is like watching Survivor or Celebrity Deathmatch or even American Idol. Who can outdo the other? Reality TV has taken the country by storm. So the candidates are fueling that by acting in such vigorous and sometimes unreasonable ways. So that's what I'm seeing.