Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baracky: The Movie

Forget the kitch value of this made for YouTube movie. The editing is superb and brilliantly demonstrates the exciting drama of this year's Democratic primary (albeit in a ridiculously satirical fashion). This time, Senator Clinton is Apollo Creed...and she is most certainly "The Master of Disaster." Enjoy.


Alex Lotorto said...

Obama is hardly heroic. The analogy is light years away from reality.

The campaign is more like watching two children run on a treadmill...they're mindless with the only goal to outlast the other using whatever tactics it takes...

pandering to the right, playing hawk, compromising peace and social justice never got the Democrats anywhere...

Well...except with Bill Clinton.

With the media blackout on Nader and McKinney, no one is holding these corporatist Dems accountable to the progressive cause.

In the end, the only winners are the pundits covering the horse race and the big corporations profiteering off our health, war, and environmental crises.

Absolutely disgusting.

JamesBedell said...

With all do respect to Nader and McKinney, I think the reason they have lost so much favor in the national media and with the public are two-fold. Most of their proposals don't sit well with at least 49% of Americans and most people don't know what their positions are because they spend what little air time they have on bashing their closest party allies, the democrats.