Monday, April 21, 2008

The Dream Team

Alright some blogs have football or baseball pools, or name your all-time dream NBA team. At Policythought, because we're rocket dorks. I ask you all to check out MY dream cabinet. It's Bipartisan, full of all-stars and impossible. But take a look make your choices in the comments section. Yes I included Hillary Clinton for the department of health. I honestly couldn't think of someone better to run it.

VP-Colin Powell
Sec. of State-Bill Richardson
Department of Treasury-Mitt Romney
Sec. Def-Robert M. Gates
AG-John Edwards
Sec. Interior-Mike Huckabee
Department of Commerce-Mike Bloomberg
Department of Labor-Joe Biden
Department of Health-Hillary Clinton
HUD-Chris Dodd
DOE-Al Gore
Dept. Education-Sen. Ed Kennedy
Homeland Security-Rudy Giuliani

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