Monday, April 21, 2008

Stop Calling my House Hillary!

In the past week I've been called over ten times by both the Hillary and Barack campaigns. ON Sunday, Bill Clinton descended upon Milford Pennsylvania to pump up his wife's campaign in Northeastern Pa, and for some reason, I could care less. I'm so burnt out that I just want it all to be over, and I'm not just talking about the Pennsylvania primary. I want the whole shebang to be finished so I'm taking this opportunity to plead with Hillary supporters, vote for Barack, Please! It's going to take a double digit victory tomorrow for Hillary to continue with genuine strength and anybody who knows Pennsylvania will tell you that it all comes down to voter turnout. If Hillary can draw out crowds in the industrial sector and the Northeastern corner, then she has a chance. Analysis of the past elections will show you that voter strength is in it's urban centers of Philly and Pittsburgh. It appears that Philadelphia will go overwhelmingly for Obama, so Hillary will have to pull big numbers in the "Red" parts of the state. I'm sure she's hoping that all the tricks she's pulling out of the Karl Rove playbook will work. As for this independent voter, I'll be home in this closed primary praying and wishing to Jesus that the Democrats can stop handing this election to McCain, cause I don't know if I can handle four years of the straight talk express. We had one Maverick in the White House, I think we need a parliamentarian. 

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