Monday, April 21, 2008

We Can Solve It...Tomorrow...

Recently, I criticized Al Gore's "We Can Solve It" campaign's first ad as a weak call to action. Now, it kooks like I've got some support from AdAge's reviewer Bob Garfield.

In Bob's campaign review, he makes a fascinating point. Sure, we came together solved/accomplished all the things the first ad promises...but we did it after years of dilly-dallying. The ad claims, "We Didn't Wait." But, we did! Garfield writes:

"We did wait to invade Europe; we waited five years. We did wait to commence the space program; we waited for the Russians to start first. We did wait to confront racial injustice; we waited 180 years. What is the point of making heroic comparisons if the comparisons don't scan?"

And, if President Bush's speech last week on global warming is any indication, we will continue to wait.

Garfield concludes by applauding the Pelosi/Gingrich spot, but questioning the Sharpton/Robertson spot I just posted. He writes, "polar opposites, yes, but also demagogic scoundrels both." Looks like the "We Can Solve It" campaign needs to solve its messaging if it hopes to have any real impact in solving the bigger problem.

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