Monday, April 7, 2008

The fight is a good thing

Democratic big-wigs are worried about the ongoing brawl between Senators Obama and Clinton. I'm here to tell you the fight brewing between the two of them is the best thing the democratic party could have hoped for. The longer this fight goes, the longer John McCain has to define and fight against two candidates, instead of just one. The longer is goes the more Obama will have to prove he is as much steak as he is sizzle, and the longer it goes on, the longer two thirds of the presidential news cycle will be dominated by the dems, while McCain continues defining himself to a public that feels they already know him.

Had the primary fight been over by now, the General Petraeus message to congress would have been a simple affirmation by McCain and rejection by Obama or Clinton. But together, while debating each other for attention and votes, Obama and Clinton can raise the rhetoric of the liberal agenda, and keep the Dems on top of the news.

There's a reason the Super Delegates haven't ended this thing yet. The debate over what type of leader they want to nominate is an important one. Many of these super delegates are going to have to deal with the next president directly on a score of issues. They want to and need to know how that relationship will work over the long term. These candidates are fully fleshing out how they will operate as leaders. When the Wright scandal hit, the Obama campaign showed us all how it would deal with a crisis. Rather than shrink from it they decided to face it head on by giving an intelligent, rarefied speech on the overarching topic of race in America. We have seen the Clinton camp's willingness to cut off campaign operatives who stop spreading the proper message and they're general willingness to fight hard for what they believe in.

In other words for good and bad, we are learning far more about how these people would lead the country. That I think is a good thing.

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